Other New Zealand Penguin Species

Other New Zealand Penguin Species

Progressing conservation for all of Aotearoa’s penguin species

Although our initial focus is with Little and Fiordland penguins, we are pursuing opportunities to advance our knowledge of other New Zealand penguin species, especially the little studied crested penguin species of the sub-Antarctic region.

The research milestones below outline our focus for advancing evidence-based conservation of these understudied penguins.

Milestone NumberCategoryDescriptionTarget outcomeETA
AP1General BiologyWork towards implementation of long-term monitoring programs on all New Zealand penguin species, particularly population dynamics and marine ecology.long term
AP2Fisheries ImpactsResearch of published records and grey literature to identify regions of increased risk of fisheries interactions.Scientific publication; technical report2020
AP3Fisheries ImpactsSupport and facilitate research projects towards mitigation of fisheries impacts.long term
AP4Fisheries ImpactsLiaise with DOC and MPI and participate in key stakeholder meetings (e.g. Conservation Services Program meetings, Aquatic Environment Work Group).long term
AP5Fisheries ImpactsLiaise with penguin advocacy groups to facilitate evidence-based conservation campaigns. Design analysis protocols for recorded data.long term

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