NZ Penguin Initiative

A project of  T/Gear Charitable Trust.

Working towards evidence-based conservation of penguins in New Zealand

Our MissionCurrent Projects
Our Mission

Our Mission

Six of the world’s eighteen penguin species live and breed in New Zealand. Five of these are rated as threatened or endangered by the IUCN redlist. Their biology is poorly understood hampering the development of effective conservation measures.

Our aim is to improve the conservation status of New Zealand penguin species through research initiatives, community involvement and advocacy.

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Penguins - sentinels of our oceans

“Penguins tell us about our world in a lot of different ways – and particularly the oceans.
They are on the front-lines of sea change.”

P. Dee Boersma,  Founder of Centre for Ecosystem Sentinels

Current Projects

Our overall goal is to improve knowledge of all New Zealand penguin species, but our initial focus is on species living on the mainland, especially Little penguins / kororā and Fiordland penguins / tawaki.

Work on the Sub-Antarctic islands got underway in October, with counts of Erect-crested penguins on the Bounty Islands.

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Current Projects

People love penguins but are unaware of their decline.

“Penguins are among the most popular and best-loved birds. Their natural charisma makes them
the perfect ambassadors to advocate for the health of our oceans and coasts.”

Pablo Garcia-Borboroglu, Global Penguin Society, Whitley Award Gold Winner 2018

About us

About us

The NZ Penguin Initiative is a project of the T/Gear Charitable Trust and New Zealand penguin scientists. It collaborates with various research, conservation and community groups like the Tawaki Project, the West Coast Penguin Trust, Birds New Zealand, and the Global Penguin Society.

The team

We can't hope for nature to fix problems we created

“The threats to penguins have never been more dangerous to their long-term survival and they have never occurred on so many fronts simultaneously.”

Lloyd S. Davis, University of Otago, author of
Prof. Penguin – Discovery and adventure with penguins

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